Advanced Certificate in Environmental Studies

About Advanced Diploma in Environmental Standards

The training in this programme will enable candidates function effectively as technical personnel in various public and private organizations involved in environmental standards activities within and outside the nation such as environmental impact assessment, oil field assessment, forest and game reserves, botanical gardens, zoological gardens, horticultural parks, recreational parks, research institutes, re-afforestation projects, and environmental protection and regulatory agencies.


The programme is tailored to produce competent, intellectually mature, ethical and socially responsible environmental standards operators armed with detailed understanding of environmental risk management and implementation, environmental audit and inspection, waste management and control strategies, environmental laws and regulations, amongst others.

Aims and Objectives

The aim of Environmental Standards programme is to produce competent, ethical and socially responsible environmental resource management technical personnel while the specific aims and objectives of the programme are to:

  • Provide participants with tools to manage environmental risks that results from work activities.
  • Create in student an awareness and comprehension of a wide range of environmental challenges and opportunities in the immediate and wider region
  • Provide comprehensive knowledge of management systems, legal framework and social/cultural issues pertaining to utilization of natural resources.
  • Develop skills and knowledge for translating the theory and concepts of resource and Environmental Standards into practice relevant to communities and work places today.

Target Audience

Those aiming to develop a career in Environmental Standards, managers and supervisors, safety professionals who are taking on environmental responsibilities drawn from the public service, private and civil society personnel, graduates, the unemployed and school leavers.


The Advanced Diploma in Environmental Standards programme is expected to last for a minimum of 9 months (i.e. one academic year) and will include course work, field work, relevant industry based internship and capstone project submitted for evaluation prior to graduation.