Advanced Certificate in Social Development

About Advance Diploma Social Standards

The Advanced Diploma programme in Social Development will provide opportunities for preliminary knowledge and skill acquisition for a career in the private and public sectors in national and global economies. The aim is to enhance the capacity of learners in social standards-related problem solving. Learners will be able to understand basic principles, concepts and methodology of social standards. The underlying philosophy of the Diploma programme in social standards is to produce a crop of graduates equipped with sufficient foundation knowledge and capacity to be able to provide solutions to contemporary social issues.

Aims And Objective Of The Training

The major aims and objectives of the programme are to:

  • Equip students with foundation knowledge of social standards, application of theories, models, methods and approach;
  • Cultivate in students the ability to apply social standards basic knowledge to understanding of growing societal problems; and
  • Expose students to appropriate basic standards in socio-cultural, legal, economic and environmental contexts among others.

Target Audience

Those aiming to develop a career in Environmental Standards, managers and supervisors, safety professionals who are taking on environmental responsibilities drawn from the public service, private and civil society personnel, graduates, the unemployed and school leavers.


The Advanced Diploma in Social Standards programme is expected to last for a minimum of 9 months (i.e. one academic year) and will include course work, field work, relevant industry based internship and capstone project submitted for evaluation prior to graduation.