PGD in Environmental Standards

About PGD in Environmental Standards

With increasing urbanization, industrialization and developmental activities as well as new technologies at various sectors of the economy in both developing and developed countries of the world, there are concern on the concomitant exploitation and depletion of natural resources, environmental degradation and pollution.

Nigeria and many other African countries are now being gripped by these concerns and it has become crucial to incorporate environmental standards and control as a vital component of development in these countries to ensure rational exploitation, ecosystem balance and environmental quality. Achieving this requires sound scientific understanding and specialized training on environmental standards that rest on applied ecological principles.

The Environmental Standards department is designed to domicile in the Faculty of Environmental Sciences. The programme will lead to the award of the degree of Post Graduate Diploma in Environmental Standards. The programme will consist of course work, field trip, practicals, examination and project.


The fundamental philosophy underlying the PGD in Environmental Standards programme is the provision of sound, specialized, effective and practical-oriented advanced training in environmental issues. The programme is designed to bridge the gap in students that may wish to undertake a Masters programme in Environmental Standards but do not meet the stipulated academic qualification. In addition are students with 3rd class degree in Environmental Standards and other relevant discipline.

Aims and Objectives

The programme in Environmental standards is designed to provide postgraduate level study of Environmental Standards and related issues. It will further provide career and personal development for current and potential professional environmental specialists, as well as for those seeking to develop their general understanding of Environmental Standards. The objectives of the programme are to:

  • Increase the students understanding of the multi-disciplinary nature of environmental issues.
  • Provide sound specialized and effective practical oriented training of course work, fieldwork and research in environmental monitoring, management and control.
  • Provide high-level skilled manpower with both academic and professional competence for tackling environmental issues in all their ramifications.
  • Produce skilled manpower, trained specifically for environmental surveillance, monitoring and management
  • Improve national economic growth and development by promoting manpower development in environmental management.
  • Foster interdisciplinary teamwork focused on developing and validating solutions to environmental challenges.
  • Provide the broad knowledge necessary to engage in 21st environmental challenges while gaining the depth required to offer expertise.
  • Expose students to diverse perspectives and approaches to environmental problem-solving.
  • Develop skill for environmental auditing and/ or building up reliable geographic information system that leads to enlightenment of environment based policy and decision making process.

Admission Requirements

The criteria for admission into the PGD programme are as follows:

  • Matriculation requirement of the university including O’ Level Credits in Mathematics and English Language.
  • Graduates of universities where the program is domiciled or graduates from other approved universities, who hold first degree classifications acceptable to Senate in the relevant fields of study.
  • Graduates who hold good grades and/or experience of non-degree qualifications which are acceptable to Senate in the relevant fields of study.
  • Candidate with at least 3rd class degree in Environmental Standards or other relevant disciplines.
  • HND Upper Credit minimum or its equivalent in Natural or Applied Sciences, Agriculture and Engineering from recognized higher institutions may also be considered.

Duration Of The Programme

The duration of the programme is as follows:

  • Full- time PGD shall run for a minimum of two (2) Semesters.
  • The Part- Time PGD shall run for a minimum of four (4) semesters Students will be expected to spend no more than 1½ times the prescribed minimum time for graduation.

Requirements For Graduation

To be awarded the Postgraduate Diploma, a candidate must pass a minimum of 28 credit units made up of the following:

  • 12 Units of Core Courses;
  • 12 Units of Electives Courses; and
  • 4 Units of Project.